Dumbledore's Army and the Summer of '98

Dumbledore's Army and the

Summer of '98

This is a work of fan fiction

This is a work
of fan fiction

It’s a passion project of mine that I wrote over the course of ten years. This novel is free for everyone to read, here, on this site, which I fund myself.

J.K. Rowling wrote all seven Harry Potter books, and Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Scholastic Press (US) published them. I have no legal or commercial relationship with J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, Scholastic Press, or Time Warner. I have no commercial rights to any characters, places, or concepts associated with Rowling's Wizarding World.

All references to the Wizarding World in this novel are based on descriptions in the original seven Harry Potter books, and not the movies, video games, play, or theme parks.

I’ve also nicked an idea from Devon Murray’s real life, which he will recognize if he ever reads this.

This novel also contains original characters and magical beings of my own invention. For the complete list of characters in this novel and who created them, click here. (I suggest doing this after you’ve read it, so you don’t ruin any surprises!)

So what's it about?

The Second Wizarding War is over, and the members of Dumbledore’s Army are about to have a transformative summer. Indeed, for Seamus Finnegan, this is an understatement. Follow Seamus, Parvati, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, George, Lavender, Hannah, Luna, and Dean as they chart new paths, make new frenemies, find new romance, and learn new magic.

And introducing: The Serpentias!


Trigger warnings are a fanfiction tradition, so, naturally, I will include some.

This novel is populated by some original characters who are Not Very Nice. They are cliquish. They are selfish. They have inappropriate sexual relationships. They have an unhealthy relationship with food. They fat shame.

And I have no intention of stopping them.

For whom is this novel appropriate?

This novel includes activities and concepts that are most appropriate for adults, young and old.

If you’re wondering whether this novel is appropriate for young children, my answer is: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

(Unless you’re a Slytherin, in which case, my answer is: Yes, it’s very educational.)

Contact the Author

Write to me at author@summerof98.net or message me privately on Twitter at Summerof98Novel.